Factory results
This screen allows you to capture or import your results that comes back from the factory. This data can be imported by clicking on the up arrow. The data will need to be in the format provided after clicking the button. The printer icon will allow you to print the report on this data. Click insert to add a new record. The delivery number is the umber from the factory for which the results belong to. There are three parts to this screen: 1. Header detail Here you insert the detail for the whole load and the results. These are printed on your report that comes back from the factory. The red fields are required. 2. Styles This is the breakdown of the styles/grades for this load. You can insert as many lines as necessary. When you insert a line select the style/grade by selecting the 3 dots, you are able to add/change any of these at this stage. Record the style, kg's, income per kg. The total will be calculated. 3. Fields 3.1 Bin Batch ID method If you allocated your harvest records (Harvesting screen) to a bin ID you can select it, this will automatically bring in the fields that the harvesting data was related too and split the yield accordingly. 3.2 Fields per variety If you don't select a bin batch ID you can select the variety that made up this load. Then click bring in fields button, this will bring in all the fields that have the specific variety. You can then delete the fields you know were not harvested at that time. 3.3 Don't use defaults If you don't want the system to bring in any defaults then you have the option to insert the fields manually that made up this delivery should you know.