This screen allows you to set-up all the different materials / costs that you have on your farm. It is important that you had setup your category codes and unit of measure codes before hand. Material code - This is an am abbreviation for this material. The field is alpha numeric Material description - This would be the full description of this specific material. For pesticides it would be the trade name. Purpose for application - This is the reason that this material is used. Usually only applicable for pesticides to indicate what you use this chemical to prevent. If you are setting up an other types of materials you can just leave this blank. Active ingredients - These are the active ingredients that are found in this specific material. These get displayed on the spray instruction and will be used in calculating the withholding period. Withholding period (harvest) - This is also know as WHP or pre-harvest interval (PHI). Its the number of days that you cant harvest your product if this specific active ingredient is used GL code - General ledger account code is used in the link to the Plan-A-Head Financial module. When purchasing this material it would post the cost to the specific Category - This is the category that this specific material would be categorized under. Unit of measure - This is the unit of measure that this material is applied and purchased in i.e. kg, tons, grams Stock on hand - This is the current stock on hand. In order to get this up to date you would need to capture a purchase record with the opening stock or do a stock take and update the current stock on hand. This quantity of stock is in terms of the unit of measure Re-order level - When the stock level drops below what you set up here, the system will prompt you to purchase more of this product. Latest cost of unit - This would be the last price that you paid when you purchased this material Applied by hectare - If you select this on Y - Yes, when you capture in the operation it would multiply the quantity by the hectare size eg if set to Yes and field size is 2 hectares and when you capture the operation you enter 3 as quantity the quantity applied will be saved as 6 Can material be bought - If you select Y - Yes here when you do a stock take it will add this material code to the list to be counted, if you say N - No it will leave it off the stock take list. You would use No for labour or tractor hours. Last stock take date - This was the date the last stock take was done Last stock date quantity - This is the quantity the stock was at the last stock take Last stock take cost of unit - This is the cost price per unit at the last stock take