Bulk Operations
This screen allows you to capture your operations but in a batch mode instead of individually. You can also proportion the costs across a selected number of fields. This works well for overhead costs like electricity. Here you could tag all the fields, select the operation code as overheads, select month end and type in the total cost of electricity (which you would have had as a material code) and a P (proportion) under the App/Ha? column. This would divide the total cost across all the fields, based on the sizes of the fields currently planted with a crop. Tag - In order to select which fields you want to do a bulk operation for, you would need to tag the fields. You can tag all fields or select individually by clicking in the block to the left of the field number Operation - This is the operation that was performed on this field Date of operation - This is the date the operation was completed Code - This is the material code that was used App/Ha? - If you would like to like the system to proportion the quantity and cost by the fields that you have tagged you would need to type in a P here.Otherwise leave it blank if the cost is direct to each of the fields that you have tagged Qty - This would be the total quantity of material that was used for the tagged fields UOM - This is the unit of measure for that specific material code i.e. KG, ton, grams, liters etc. Unit cost - This would be the latest cost that was paid for this material Comments - Any additional comments can be typed in the space that is relating to this operation App purpose - This is the reason the application was done Tech person - This is the person who authorized the operation Operator - This is the person who performed the operation