Spray Instructions
This is where you would capture, print and complete a spray instruction. You would need to complete sections 1, 2 and 3 in order to process one spray instruction. Click on insert under each number and complete the fields as below 1. This is the header detail outlying who is going to be doing the spraying, what the water calibration is and how its going to be sprayed. Instruction no - This is a unique number for this instruction Date - This is the date that you are wanting to start the spraying Water calibration - This is how much water you are going to need per plant or per hectare Apply - This is selected to indicate whether the system must multiply the water needed by the number of plants or by the hectare size Recommended by - This is who recommended this specific instruction Issue authoriser - This is the person on the farm who authorised the instruction Operation code - This would be the operation code that will be used in order to cost the field under this category Spray volume - This would be the volume of cover Type - This is the type of spraying you are performing Special instructions - Any other special instructions can be noted here which would print on the instruction 2. Here you are determining how the spraying is going to be performed Instruction No - This is a unique number for this instruction Operator - This is the person who would be performing this spray instruction Tractor - This the vehicle that would be used to perform this instruction Apparatus - This is the apparatus that would be used, this is important to determine the number of tanks you would need based on the capacity Gear - This is the gear the driver should drive the tractor in RPM - This is the revolutions per minute that the tracotr needs to drive in Pressure - This is the pressure the sprayer should be set at in order to spray for this instruction 3. Here you are selecting the material that is going to be used for this spray instruction. You can add more than one material to an instruction. Instruction no - This is a unique number for this instruction Disease code - This is the reason that you are spraying. Select a disease code that has been setup under the setup menu Product code - This is the type of product that is going to be used for this spray instruction Dosage - This is the number of units that needs to be mixed in the tank based on either the number of plants, hectare, tank or 100 litres of water UOM - This is the materials unit of measure, this is setup when setting up all the materials Dosage type - This would be the number of units of material per plant, per hectare, per tank or per 100 litres of water Cost price - This is the last cost price which it would pick up from the last purchase record 4. You would now be required to add the fields that you are planning on spraying. Highlight the field on the left and click on the first single arrow to add it to the right hand side. If you select the double arrow it would add all the fields to be sprayed. You can take fields off by highlighting it on the right and clicking on the arrow pointing to the left to remove or click on the double arrow pointing to the left to remove all fields and start process again 5. You can now print the instruction on the right hand side by clicking on the button "print spray instruction". This would be given to the employee who would be performing the spray. He would need to complete the date finished and number of tanks applied to each field / block. 6. Once the spraying has been completed you would need to click on the complete instruction button on the right hand side. You can either put in the total number of tanks used with the date completed and select "complete all" or you can do them individually by selected the field / block on the left, typing in the date complete, the number of tanks applied and clicking on the "complete selected" button. Date completed - This is the date the spraying was completed Tanks - This is the number of tanks that was used on that block / field Complete selected - If you want to complete one field at a time, select the field on the left, type in the date completed and number of tanks and click this button Complete all - If you want to complete all the current instructions, complete the date and total number of tanks and click this button 7. You can also export the spray instructions to excel by typing in the dates required and clicking on the export to excel button