Operations / Activities
This screen allows you to capture all operations that were done on a field, that might not have required a spray instruction i.e weeding of a field. Group Number - This is the farm / group number Field Number - This is the field number that performed the operation on Date of operation - This is the date the operation was done Operation code - This id the operation code of the operation that was performed. I.e. Spraying Get default materials - By clicking this button the system will bring in all the default material codes that have been setup against the above operation. You would need to set these up first under the operations - material operations menu. Once the materials have been bought in you could then go and change the quantities of the material that you used. Material code - This is the code of the material (i.e fertlizer, chemical) that was used on this operation Seed batch no - If the material is seed and you want to keep a record of the seed batch number you can insert it in this field Reason for application - This is the reason you are performing this operation. You would only need to use this option should it be a chemical you are using for a specific pest or disease Quantity used - If the material is et op as "applied per hectare" this quantity will be multiplied by the hectare size of the field and the rest will be in total quantity. If it wasn't applied per hectare the system will use this quantity against the field. Total Quantity - This would be the total amount of material used. Either what was captured in quantity used or the amount multiplied by the hectare size Cost of Unit - This would be the last price you paid for this material or an average cost depending on how the material was setup Comments - Additional comments on this specific operation can be typed in the field Active ingredients - These are the active ingredients for this material should there be one. You would need to set these up under the materials screen Tech / Responsible person - This is the person responsible for this operation Applicator / Machinery - This is the device that was used to apply this application Operator person - This is the person that actually performed the operation